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The Amazing Potential of the Pool Safety Industry

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    What makes us different

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    Nothing Is More Important Than Child Safety — And That Is Our Mission

    The potential of the U.S. Pool construction and safety industries
    Life Saver Pool Fence is setting the industry pace for innovation and brand development.

    Our tireless devotion to family safety is combined with a product and approach that has been refined over decades.

    Becoming a franchise owner with Life Saver Pool Fence places you in a brand designed for modern operations, and connects you with a franchise model geared for growth.
    A superior fencing product
    designed to help maximize child safety while maintaining home value, built to last and backed by a lifetime warranty
    An established business plan
    developed from experience in the field and configured to give our owners the tools they need to build the brand
    Experienced leadership
    who know the business from the ground up and guide future franchise development
    Flexible franchising options
    to help every owner get established in a way that works best for them
    Robust, ongoing support
    centered around the owners and staff who keep the franchise moving forward, and are dedicated to providing assistance whenever it’s needed
    “Life Saver Pool Fence is the number one pool fence company in the world and uses only the strongest and most durable materials. They also donate free pool fences to the families of drowning victims.”
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    The potential of the U.S. Pool construction and safety industries
    Industry Benefits

    Pool Safety Is Big Business

    Life Saver Pool Fence is connected to several industries focused on keeping families safe during recreation at home.
    The pool-construction industry has a market size of more than $9.3 billion, with a 2% annualized growth rate over the past five years.
    That business is paired with the safety equipment and supply industry, which has developed an annual market share of over $21 billion.
    Life Saver Pool Fence operates at the crossroads of these vital American industries. We have created a product and approach, that brings them together in a single streamlined business.
    And those are just a few of the reasons to consider owning a Life Saver Pool Fence.
    Safety and pool construction aren’t the only industries we’re a part of. We also work within the U.S. fence construction industry, a field that’s been growing for years.
    Drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 1–4 and is the second-leading cause of death among children ages 5–14. Our franchise directly addresses this concern with a product and services designed to save lives. Pool fencing laws have become increasingly common throughout many countries in recent years. These laws are intended to improve safety around residential swimming pools and reduce the risk of drowning incidents, particularly among children. These pool fencing laws generally require that a fence or barrier be installed around a residential swimming pool. The fence must meet certain standards in terms of height, strength, and design, and must be equipped with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Other requirements may include the use of pool covers or alarms.
    Projected Annualized Growth Rate for the Swimming-Pool Construction Industry Through 2030:
    Expected Compound Annual Growth of the Fencing Market Through 2030:
    Estimated Number of U.S. Households with a Swimming Pool:
    10.7 million
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    Pool Safety Franchise Investment and Revenue Potential

    Our brand was built with our owners in mind, and we’ve designed our franchise model around their needs.
    • A growing industry
    • Relatively low overhead
    • Home-based business
    • Minimal investment
    • An established franchise approach
    • A business that saves children’s lives
    Fencing Franchise Investment Range:
    $71,658 – $105,998
    (Refer to our FDD Item 7 for specifics on startup costs.)
    Pool Fence Franchise Revenue Potential:
    (Refer to our FDD Item 19 for specifics on revenue projections.)
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    Available Territories for Life Saver Pool Fence Franchise Opportunities

    Life Saver Pool Fence is continuing our ongoing mission to improve home pool safety, as we expand into communities across the nation.

    Join us as we work to transform the pool-safety business.

    Connect with us today to learn how to make your local area the next location for a new Life Saver Pool Fence franchise.
    Our people

    Meet the Team

    Life Saver Pool Fence was born from a need for home safety, and a relentless drive to find the right product to make that goal a reality.

    Robert Lupton, and later his son Eric, built the Life Saver Pool Fence franchise to address client concerns and provide them with a solution that could improve pool safety, while adding property value, and most importantly peace of mind.

    In the late 1980s, Robert recognized that the home swimming pool could be made safer for children and families with a little ingenuity and hard work. He began by developing a quality fencing product, and the systems needed for installation and support.

    Clients immediately took to the brand and appreciated the customer-first service approach that the Luptons have made an indelible aspect of the franchise. The business’ reputation quickly grew, and soon enough the brand began to extend its reach across the country.

    Today, Life Saver Pool Fence has a presence in communities all over the United States. We are on a mission to educate families on pool safety.
    Eric Lupton has dedicated his life and business to help make the American home a safer place for families to play

    Pool Safety Franchise Support and Training

    At Life Saver Pool Fence, our owners are the heart of our business. We’ve designed our support systems to give you essential assistance from day one.

    Here’s the kind of support you can expect when you become a franchise owner with us.
    We keep our support approach focused on how to help our owners, whenever they need it
    Franchise site selection
    We work with you to choose a location for your new business.
    Franchise marketing
    Raise your digital profile, and get exposure in your community with our ongoing marketing and social media campaigns.
    Franchise products 
    and services
    Get access to our proprietary and time-tested pool-fencing product, and to our installation and customer-care systems.
    Franchise training
    We make sure that you and your staff learn the ins and outs of the business before the doors open for the first time, with a comprehensive training approach refined over decades in the field.
    Franchise HR and payroll
    Stay on top of your staff concerns with our established management and payroll systems.
    Franchise distributor 
    reward programs
    Earn purchase discounts and other incentives through our rewards programs.
    Franchise ongoing support
    Leverage lifetimes of experience with our franchise support team, who are standing by to lend a hand whenever you need assistance.
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    Here's What They Are Saying About Life Saver Pool Fence

    Life Saver Pool Fence provides more than a top-of-the-line product and industry know-how. We help to build a safer home environment for our clients and their loved ones. Our franchise model is built from the ground up on a belief that quality and expertise can help protect lives.

    Our way of operating has helped make our company a household name and industry leader.
    • “Excellent install and quality! The ease of use is amazing, it looks so much better than I thought it would, and it’s 100% what we needed and wanted. Thank you for helping keep our kids safe!”
      Jessica B.
    • “Great customer service, great product, great installation. The comfort of having a pool fence system is priceless. Highly recommend Life Saver Pool Fence.”
      Brian M.
    • “I am so happy with their service. I feel very safe for my girls to be outside with the new fence. Thank you!”
      Ashlee R.
    steps to ownership

    Steps to Franchise Ownership

    Interested in opening a franchise with Life Saver Pool Fence? Here’s what to expect when you start the franchising process.

    Complete the Form

    (5-10 minutes)
    Submit your baseline information to verify that you meet Life Saver Pool Fence’s initial requirements.

    Introduction Call

    (5-10 minutes)
    We’ll answer initial questions and talk about qualifications.

    Exploratory Call

    (1 hour)
    We’ll get to know each other and explore the many opportunities of owning a Life Saver Pool Fence Franchise.

    Complete Franchise Application

    (10 minutes)
    Once completed we will send you our FDD, and introduce you to lending contacts.

    Schedule FDD Review

    (5-10 minutes)
    Speak with our Business Development Manager; ask questions about our FDD, available territories and more.

    Discovery Day

    Visit our home office and learn about our multiple locations as you meet our CEO, Eric Lupton.

    Franchise Agreements

    Upon mutual agreement, we will send you your Franchise Agreement.

    YOU Are a Franchisee of Life Saver Pool Fence

    Dive into our brand, and aggressively start the training, and onboarding process!

    Open Your Doors

    Develop your customer base, and start serving your community!
    Ready to start your career in a rising brand? Contact us today to learn more.

    Free Industry Outlook

    The amazing potential of the swimming pool safety industry

      Let's Get Started

      Learn about the pool safety industry and what sets us apart from the competition.

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